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I love - your eyes, your lips, your beard, your hair, your neck, every inch of your body, i love holding you, having you hold me, sleeping with you, sex with you, simply being near you, i love your sense of humor, your laugh, the way your eyes light up, your playfulness, your aggressiveness, the way you play guitar, your singing voice, hearing you say you love me, the way you kiss me, when you take my hand, your protectiveness, the way you care, how you sometimes notice the small things i do just for you, your rising chest under mine, the funny voices you do, your hands, your tattooed arms, your stature, how you know martial arts, your energy, your drive, your passion, i love you


A lotus 

Cannot grow in the salty ocean, 

beautiful as its waters are. 

Instead it grows in 

muddy waters, 

surrounded by muck, 

grime, frogs, insects.

A glowing bud 

sprouts up from an abyss of dark water 

and blossoms in the sticking heat 

as mosquitoes whine and the sun beats down.

And its white shell unfurls to reveal 

rosy pink tips with a golden center, 

a tiny speck of beauty in such an unsightly place. 


Photographs by Mikki the chimpanzee that show blurry views of Moscow are estimated to fetch between $75,000–100,000 at Sotheby’s.

Anonymous asked: Can you explain what these bears mean? /post/40451278827 :)

They are Grateful Dead bears! 



Due to high sulfur levels, inhabitants of the Izu Islands had to wear gas masks to survive. What results? Some of the scariest wedding photos ever.


I like being slapped, choked, bitten, scratched, roughed up and thrown around. 

Sitting in my cluttered room

A plate of food in front of me,

Prepared by myself, no one to eat with 

A tall fruity drink by my bedside 

100 proof Absolut 

I stuck in a straw and added a lime, 

I’ll pamper myself if no one else will 

Feeling sorry for myself gets old rather quickly, 

I think 

Kashmir haunts my ears 

As I enjoy my night of solitude 



Michael Garlington


Alison Gamm - Versailles, 2012


Julia RandallLick Line (2002-2004)

Pencil on paper

This is just pencil! Amazing! 


Gérard Stricher